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You don't need to go back to OEMs when you need replacement motors or mechanical force exciters for your vibratory equipment. Instead, you can choose to maximize your uptime and minimize your costs by purchasing off-the-shelf, fully interchangeable, "drop-in" motors with offset weights from us at AIRMATIC. We are North America's leading distributor of vibratory motors and mechanical exciters and we stock the nation's largest inventory.

Our exciters are interchangeable with those used by most manufacturers of large vibrating conveyors, vibrating feeders, and vibrating screens like banana screens, horizontal and incline screens, vibrating classifiers, dewaterers, and grizzly separators used in the coal, mining and quarrying, steel, and aggregate industries. In addition, we service all makes of foot/base-mount and flange-mount vibrator motors, as well as all makes of mechanical force exciters.


  • Available in a range of mounting positions
  • Available with variable speed
  • Certified in accordance with CSA, cCSAus and IECEx Standards


  • Minimal maintenance
  • Long-lasting
  • Quiet operation
  • Repair services available from AIRMATIC


Foot Mounted Vibratory Motors

Useful with vibrating feeders & conveyors, foundry shakeout, screeners, densifiers, de-airers, classifiers, separators, sifters, settlers, compactors, and shale shakers. Compatible with equipment from all vibratory equipment manufacturers.

Flange Mounted Vibratory Motors Fully interchangeable with wedge-mount, single or double flange-mount, or waist-mount vertical vibrators. Useful with circular screens, sieves, round separators, and other finishing machines. Compatible with equipment from all vibratory equipment manufacturers.
Mechanical Force Exciters Useful for vibrating conveyors, vibrating feeders, vibrating screens, vibrating classifiers, dewaterers, and grizzly separators. Variable speed controlled by frequency inverter. Powered by electric motor, hydraulic motor, or belts and pulleys.


If a vibratory drive needs repair, we're ready and able to help. Most of the vibratory equipment OEMs and motor repair shops are not trained to repair vibratory motors which, unlike balanced induction motors, are specifically designed to generate vibration and built to withstand the loads imposed. We recommend that all vibratory motors be returned to the actual vibrator manufacturer or to a repair facility that specializes in vibrator repair, like our Malvern, PA Service Center. Attempting to repair vibratory motors in-house or by a non-qualified repair shop will lead to vibratory motors that are not performing to specifications or failing prematurely, and will, in most cases, void the manufacturer's warranty. Qualified Service Centers use only genuine replacement parts, including bearings and specially formulated grease.











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