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Railcar unloading sites are notoriously dangerous and dirty. Often they also form a bottleneck at the very beginning of the processing of powders or bulk solids. First, the gates of hopper bottom railcars are jammed shut. Opening them can be a challenging, time-consuming chore. Pry bars, come-a-longs, gate openers, and sometimes even torches are required. Next, comes the task of emptying the railcar. Either the hopper car materials won't flow at all or the flow is intermittent. Sledgehammers, rods, air lances, and vibrators are all employed. Too often, all are ineffective on the material you're attempting to unload. Finally, as the material flows from the car, dust envelops the site. The wind carries it to nearby buildings or the surrounding neighborhood. Now OSHA and the EPA are potentially involved in your operation.

Fortunately, it doesn't have to be like this. We at AIRMATIC can provide you with the products that will make your unloading site safer and more productive than it's ever been. Talk with us about railcar gate openers, truck trap openers, and railcar pocket-to-undertrack conveyor unloaders. We're ready to share our more than 75 years of bulk material handling expertise and eager to help you eliminate a few problems.


  • Wide range of sizes to fit most applications
  • Achieve OSHA and EPA compliance


  • Prevent accidents and improve safety 
  • Unload railcars and trailers more quickly with less workers
  • Reduce pollution and emissions


Railcar Gate Openers

Increase the speed and safety of unloading material from hopper cars allow a single operator to open and close hoppers. Available with pneumatic, electric, or manual power.

Railcar Vibrators

Powerful Pneumatic, Electric, and Hydraulic Railcar Vibrators eliminate the safety and productivity problems associated with the dangerous, dirty, and slow job of unloading Hopper-Bottom Railcars. Select the force and frequency required to unload any type of material.

Railcar Unloading Pocket Connectors

Installs between rails to improve the unloading of railroad hopper cars. Prevent material loss, air pollution, and contamination Low air requirement Models available for any car, including double or single-pocket, round opening, and GATX.

Truck Vibrators

Clear difficult material hang-ups with the push of a button when unloading cargo from trucks, trailers, and other mobile equipment. Truck vibrators, available in 12V or 24V electric, pneumatic, and hydraulic models, make unloading and spreading easier while eliminating the need for manual cleanouts of truck beds or trailers.  

Truck Trap Openers

Still opening Trailer Traps by hand? Eliminate worker fatigue and optimize efficiency when opening bulk trailers with a pneumatic or electric, portable, rolling cart, or stationary Trailer Trap Opener. 


AIRMATIC also stocks railcar vibrators to help the unloading process by promoting material flow.
















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