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In the late 1960s, AIRMATIC helped pioneer the use of high-frequency pneumatic and electric external form vibrators to consolidate concrete. We've been a supplier to the precast, prestress, and cast-in-place market ever since. During the last 50 years, the industry has seen an onslaught of new materials, new technologies, and new safety and environmental regulations. We have kept pace at every step, adding products and services that make concrete consolidation and finishing faster, safer, and more productive and allow our customers to effectively and efficiently meet the demands placed on them. 

While we are still a leader in external form vibration, we now stock and service internal vibrators and replacement vibrators for concrete pipe machines as well. We also design and build vibrating tables. And, with the recent introduction of our line of self-propelled, adjustable-force, 120VAC Vibratory Beam Screeds and Vibratory Bull Floats, we can now significantly speed up and improve surface finishing operations (on the top and bottom face of the mold) while reducing workers' complaints and hand/arm vibration injuries.


  • Internal and external applications
  • Durable, heavy-duty materials
  • Generate up to 15000 vpm
  • Replacement parts and components available
  • Compatible with a range of applications
  • Applies to hoppers, bins, railcars, chutes, molds, screens, and tables


  • Automate the concrete mixing process, saving time and energy
  • Avoid air bubbles and early settling of pre-cast concrete 
  • Reduce wasted concrete mix 
  • Create a smooth, level finish 
  • Achieve greater concrete density and bonding for a longer-lasting application


External Concrete Form Vibrators

Temporarily liquefy the concrete mix to coax the entrapped air to the surface and ensure sufficient consolidation to completely surround the rebar and fill the Form. Industry’s most complete line of quick change and permanent mount high-force and high-frequency pneumatic and electric rotary vibrators, and pneumatic linear impacting vibrators for Forms and Molds.

Internal Concrete Vibrators

Internal gas and electric concrete vibrators redistribute concrete and reduce internal friction that enables mixtures to distribute properly and compact without entrapped air. With AIRMATIC’s line of internal gas and electric immersion concrete vibrators, you can be sure to find what you need to complete the job with ease. Find vibrator shafts, vibrator heads, electric- and gas-powered motors, and high-cycle vibrators. 

Vibratory Screeds

A Concrete Vibrating Screed that uses uniquely mounted dual 115 VAC vibratory motors on a 6"W x 4"H x 6' to 18'L aluminum beam that self-propels the Screed down the Form as it spreads, consolidates, levels and surface finishes conventional, high-flow and self-compacting concrete.

Vibrating Concrete Bull Floats

AIRMATIC offers a Concrete Vibrating Bull Float that uses uniquely mounted, dual, adjustable-force, 115VAC vibratory motors to generate a rectilinear force that easily, rapidly, and consistently levels ridges, fills voids, embeds aggregate, and smooths the concrete while enabling the cream to rise to the surface.

Concrete Vibrating Tables

Often used in the manufacturing of precast concrete products such as pipes, beams, architectural panels, pavers, countertops, and other molded concrete or cast products, Vibrating Tables are essential for providing proper vibration in the consolidation of concrete. Choose the size, capacity, power source, flat-deck or grid-top, and other options depending on your specific needs. 













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