Due to rust and corrosion, an Eastern Pennsylvania mushroom farm was perpetually replacing shaft-mount gear reducers on its conveyors. AIRMATIC fixed the problem permanently.

A customer in the chemical processing industry was using a drop-line method to measure the contents of its silos. AIRMATIC saw a safer, smarter way.

Manual lubrication of a bucket elevator’s bearings at a New England feed mill required sending a maintenace person up a 40-foot ladder twice a month. AIRMATIC had a better idea.

When a repeat customer is building one of the nation's largest feed mills, industry leading WORKMASTER Railcar Gate Openers are the only option to keep up with production!

Abrasive sugar was doing a number on butterfly valves at a food plant in Dover, Delaware. AIRMATIC experts recommended a better butterfly.

The bearings on the head pulley shaft of the bucket elevator at a Pennsylvania foundry needed to be manually greased every day. Airmatic has an Automatic Solution.

When a century-old Pennsylvania-based foundry burned to the ground in June 2018, a devastated company with over 300 employees needs a lot of help quickly! Airmatic steps in to help with the rebuild to get people back to work, while also improving the facility.

A conveyor transfer point problem was costing a Pennsylvania foundry $32,000/year just to clean up spillage. AIRMATIC engineers cleaned up the problem for good.

A power generation station in the Middle Atlantic region needed clinging material removed from silo walls. AIRMATIC got the job done with acoustic cleaning.

A power generating station struggled to unload 3 million pounds of woodchips from railcars five days per week. AIRMATIC recommended the vibrator that made the difference.

Critical isolation valves at a New England power plant could not be counted on to close completely due to buildup on the valves. AIRMATIC brought a dependable solution.

A Prestress, Precast Customer located in the Southeastern U.S. was experiencing trouble with the flow of material in its silos. A properly sized flow aid enters to solve the problem!

A New Jersey-based precast concrete company was being dragged down by its 200-pound vibrating screeds, Airmatic engineers a solution the help the situation!

When new air cannons employed in a New England paper mill started leaking compressed air, AIRMATIC made things right again, and uncovered the root of the problem.

A paper plant powered by coal was plaqued by coal dust. AIRMATIC understood the dust problem was a conveyor problem.

The addition of vibration to a grizzly bar grate can ultimately save time, money and keep personnel safe from physical injuries. At this northeast plant, heavy equipment operators need a solution to keep their grizzly running more efficiently.

A Middle Atlantic State municipality was having a tough time unloading various materials from its numerous trucks. AIRMATIC specialists introduced the over-arching solution.


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