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Flow Aid devices like air cannons, aeration pads, and sonic horns all play an important role in maintaining the flow of dry bulk materials from a storage vessel. When industrial vibrators are not suitable for initiating or restoring the flow of powders or bulk solids in bins, silos, hoppers, and chutes, you may need a Bin Aeration Device. For other applications, like cleaning particulate build-up from air-pollution-control or other process equipment, the answer might be Sonic Horns. 

We offer the industry's broadest range of flow aids, including Air Cannons/Blasters, Bin Air Injectors, Air Pads, Airbrators/Evassors, and Sonic Horn Acoustic Cleaners. These products and systems all use compressed air at plant pressures of 10 PSI to 125 PSI (product and application-specific) on an intermittent or continuous basis to address flow and build-up problems. 

Recognizing the need for a flow aid device is step one. Step two is choosing the right device or system for your application. For 75 years we've been helping Customers do just that. Call and talk with an AIRMATIC Product Manager or Application Specialist. We'll handle it!


Air Cannons, Valves & Accessories

For use in large storage vessels which can handle large amounts of pressure. Best for high-entanglement applications such as wood chips. Quietly supplies an instantaneous blast of air to de-clog, dislodge, or prevent bulk solids build-up and blockage. Choose Single-valve and Multi-valve systems to manage several bins, kilns, silos, or hoppers simultaneously.

Bin Air Injectors & Mounts Bin Air Injectors are small, compact, and quiet devices that use bursts of air to move settled materials and promote the flow of dry powders. Bin Air Injectors are appropriate where the stored material is highly cohesive, the storage vessel has limited mounting access or space restrictions, noise is an issue, the stored material is on the ground or in a vessel with a flat bottom, or the stored material is dry fines that need to be put into or restored to a fluidized state.
Bin Aeration Pads & Mounts

Diffuse low-pressure air into a silo, bin, or hopper to promote flow of dry, fine materials and prevent buildup. Aeration pads can be easily retro-fitted into an existing system form outside the vessel, are inexpensive, and adapt to any bin configuration.

Acoustic Sonic Horns & Parts

Low-frequency, high-pressure energy sound waves are able to vibrate dry particulate without vibrating the steel, ceramic, or concrete vessel where the particulates are stored. Sonic Horns are appropriate where particulate build-up must be removed from filter bags, precipitators, ducts, spray dryers, cyclones, and exchangers, and for some bridging and side-wall build-up problems in storage vessels.

Timers & Controllers Program your bin aerator, air cannons, and sonic horns to run on a routine schedule. Adjust several units remotely from a central location.


Problems in material flow can bring an operation’s efficiency and productivity to a halt. Hang-ups in storage systems and accumulations in process vessels choke material flow while bottlenecks create costly reductions in equipment and process performance. Poor material flow raises maintenance expenses and drags profits down. If any of these problems look familiar, a bin aeration system or sonic horn system may be the solution you need:



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