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If you use a belt conveyor system in your operation, the odds are that we can help you make it more productive, more environmentally friendly, safer, and more likely to be in compliance with all applicable regulations. There are dozens of ways to improve the performance of a belt conveyor system with the right belt conveyor components and accessories. These products include belt trackers, misalignment alarms and shutdown switches, belt cleaners, idlers, impact beds, and many more.

The AIRMATIC extensive line of products is from industry-leading manufacturers. And our more than 75 years of experience in bulk material handling means we are well qualified to advise you on how to optimize any belt conveyor system.

If you're looking to lower operating costs, improve worker health and safety, reduce power costs, and decrease maintenance costs of your belt conveyor, look to us for the right approach with the right components and accessories.

We also offer conveyor inspection, conveyor adjustment, and installation and repair services should you choose to subcontract the work. All are designed to help you reduce component wear, prevent belt damage, and ensure more efficient operation of your conveyor, its belt, and your conveyor components and accessories.


Conveyor Belt Cleaners

Complete line of head pulley and tail pulley belt cleaners including blade type scrapers, rotary brush, and air knife for head pulley cleaners, and v-plow and diagonal-plow tail pulley cleaners. Models available for normal and worse case materials, for use on any belt, including reversing, food grade, chevron and pocket belts.

Conveyor Edge & Tailbox Sealing

Conveyor belt skirting and sealing systems form tight seals that prevent spillage and create a tight dust seal. AIRMATIC's conveyor belt skirting systems feature low-abrasion index characteristics and are designed to withstand harsh conditions.

Belt Conveyor Motion Controls & Safety Products

Safety Controls, Speed Switches, and Damage Control Devices help you detect belt problems before it’s too late. These controls can provide you with an alarm or an automatic shut down when your belt experiences blockage or damage issues.

Conveyor Belt Tracking & Aligning Systems

For minor misalignment issues, installing a mechanical belt alignment device will correct belt behavior by steering the belt back into the center of the structure. Belt tracking provides immediate, powerful and continuous steering to correct a belt’s path, preventing spillage, equipment damage and repairs. 

Chute Inspection Access Doors

Problems are more easily solved if equipment can be more easily observed. Make inspecting and servicing of conveyors, chutes, and other equipment enclosures easier, 30% more productive, and safer by installing well-designed, heavy-duty Access Doors that are conveniently located and properly sized for inspection and maintenance.

Conveyor Belt Support Systems Impact beds and roller beds stabilize belt lines, eliminate sag and bounce, and absorb the force of falling material to prevent damage to the belt and structure.
Conveyor Belt Idlers, Parts & Accessories Conveyor belt idlers, idler rolls, carry idlers, and impact idlers stabilize conveyor systems for smooth material conveyance. Our extensive inventory of conveyor belt idlers maintains proper belt alignment and tracking for load carrying and returns.
Belt Conveyor Pulleys & Drives

Choose from our wide variety of motorized pulleys, non-motorized pulleys, and pulley parts & accessories. Our selection of pulleys and accessories includes everything needed for industries such as Food Processing, Foundry, Manufacturing, Mining, Sand & Gravel, and more. 

Conveyor Hoods & Covers

Protect the belt, idlers and conveyed cargo from the elements, reduce exposure to idler and belt noise, reduce cargo contamination, contain dust along the conveyor run, and ensure the safety of employees working around the conveyor. Our Hoods and Covers are user-friendly to install, provide needed weather protection, and are easy to open/close for conveyor inspection and maintenance.

Belt Conveyor Holdbacks

Belt Conveyor Holdbacks or Backstops prevent danger to workers, material build-up and spills, and damage to the belt and drive components when a loaded incline belt conveyor rolls backwards because it has accidentally or been purposely stopped. Our line of replacement Holdbacks/Backstops automatically ensure conveyor rotation in the forward direction only.

Belt Repair

Damage to conveyor belting allows moisture and foreign materials to leach into the belting, promoting premature wear. To preserve the belt, it’s important to make prompt and effective repairs. Our line of mechanical fasteners enable emergency repairs when a new section of belt must be added to an existing belt or when a belt must be patched or a rip closed. Our line of  specialized adhesives enable bonding repairs and patches over damaged areas, and standard cold-vulcanized splices. Our Belt Rip Detectors sound an alarm or shut down the conveyor if a belt rips.


For over 50-years we have successfully solved belt conveyor problems in manufacturing, utility, wastewater treatment, and mining/quarrying facilities, and with the engineering firms that design these facilities, throughout the New England and Middle Atlantic States. We have recommended, installed, and maintained belt cleaners for reversing belts, belt cleaners for food-processing belts, belt cleaners for chevron belts, belt cleaners for pocket belts, belt scrapers for snub or bend pulleys, and for belts best cleaned with rotary-brush belt cleaners, fingerstyle belt cleaners, pneumatic (air-knife) belt cleaners, and belt spray and wash box water-wash belt cleaner systems.




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