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Equipment failure occurs for a number of reasons. Missed lubrication due to poor maintenance is one of the primary ones. Automatic Lubricant Systems (also known as automatic lubricators or lubricant dispensers) operate on the principle that automatic and consistent lubrication over long intervals is superior to occasional, manual lubrication. Automatic lubrication offers multiple benefits: It keeps constant pressure and positive, fresh lubrication on bearing points, keeping moisture and other contaminants out of the bearings. At the same time, automatic lubrication delivers only the precise amount (neither too little nor too much) of the specific lubricant needed to keep equipment running.

Automatic lubricators are used extensively on equipment in the Agriculture, Energy, Food and Beverage, Mining/Minerals, Manufacturing, and Waste Water Treatment industries to maximize equipment uptime.


  • Transparent Bowls or LED indicators make it easy to check lubricant level and operating status
  • Rugged, weatherproof, dust-proof, and dependable
  • Standalone single-point or multi-point distribution units available 
  • Can be installed in almost any position
  • Options to control dispensers remotely 
  • UL certified to meet OSHA requirements for Class I Division 2, Class II Division 2, and Class III Hazardous Location categories.


  • Eliminate over- or under-lubrication caused by manual lubrication guns, which often results in bearing failure.
  • Lower overall lubrication costs by reducing labor costs and lubricant waste.
  • Improve workplace safety by eliminating hit-or-miss, manual lubrication methods in dangerous locations.
  • Protect machinery to reduce maintenance/shutdown time.


Single Point Lubrication Systems Provide automatic lubrication to a specific pain-point, using motor- or gas-driven systems that dispense oil or grease.
Multi Point Lubrication Systems Multi-point lubricators can feed several lubrication points for a single unit. Centralized controls allow for easy filling and maintenance and cost-effective operation. One unit can feed up to 12 access points.
Automatic Lubricator Accessories A wide range of high-quality accessories and replacement parts is available to make ATS Lubricators work even more efficiently and stay on the job even longer. These products are always in stock, and can be shipped to your site the day your order is received. Be sure to use genuine ATS Electro-Lube accessories and replacement parts to ensure the quality performance and long life of your ATS Automatic Lubricators!


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